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Link Popularity Improvement


Link popularity is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Although it is not that difficult to do, building your Web site's link popularity is very time-consuming and requires a tremendous amount of patience, diligence and hard work. The results of your link popularity campaign usually doesn't show until after many months. Link popularity improvement is part of our Search Engine Marketing services. SEM Professionals will work fulltime to improve your Web site's link popularity so you can better spend your time growing your business. Find out more about how SEM Pros can help you drive more quality traffic and improve conversions. Contact us.

Link Popularity Building

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Quality link popularity improvement is a basic part of our Search Engine Marketing consulting services. How well a Web site ranks in the SERP depends a great deal to its link popularity. Quality link popularity building means not just building links but quality links to your Web site. Many Web sites have been penalized by the major Search Engines because of poor quality links such as those coming from link farms, free for all link exchange schemes, splogs and paid links put up to artificially improve link popularity. Search Engines such as Google are against such artificial link popularity schemes and are more likely to either just ignore these types of links or worse, penalize a Web site that uses such tactics.

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Building link popularity usually involves three things; Search Engine Submission, Online Directory Submission and Link Exchange Program management. Any serious Search Engine marketing campaign cannot do without having a solid link popularity campaign in place.

Search Engine Submission

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Search Engine submission is a service that is needed most especially by newly launched websites. Search Engines rely on links found all over the web to find existing Web pages and Web sites. Letting the Search Engines know about your newly launched site is the beginning of Search Engine Optimization and an integral part of an SEM campaign.

In terms of popularity and market share, there are basically just 3 major Search Engines that account for over 90% of the entire Search Engine originating traffic. The 3 biggest major Search Engines today are Google, Yahoo Search and MSN Search. There are of course, literally hundreds of other smaller Search Engines on the Internet including country-specific Search Engines. Having been doing Search Engine Marketing consulting for over 5 years, we have built a growing list of every Search Engine we have come across, where we will submit your Web site to.

Online Directories Submission

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The biggest and most popular online directories out there today are DMOZ and Yahoo. There are online directories that allow you to submit your Web site for free such as DMOZ. There are also online directories that charge a minimal fee either for a faster review of your Web site such as Yahoo and other directories that charge fees for a guaranteed listing in their directory. There are also thousands of other online directories catering to specific industries and niche markets. It would take a lot of time to find online directories and submitting your Web site to each one of them. Submission of your Web site to these online directories is part of our link popularity improvement services which is part of our total Search Engine Marketing solutions.

We currently have a list of over 2,000 FREE directories that we can readily submit your website to for only USD $100. Interested? Contact us now.

Article Writing and Submission

Writing and freely distributing relevant, highly-informative and optimized articles about specific subject related to your Search Engine Marketing campaign is a very powerful method of link popularity building. These optimized articles with deep links to any page of your Web site can greatly improve your site's popularity not just in terms of inbound links that you would get from other Web sites that pick up and publish your articles but to actual people who read your articles.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Writing optimized press releases and distributing them thru popular press release distribution channels is one of the fastest ways of promoting your brand and Web site. Press releases get picked up and distributed very quickly. An optimized press release has very good chances of getting top Search Engine rankings and drive highly-qualified traffic to your Web site.

Link Exchange Program Management

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One of the most effective way of jumpstarting your Search Engine Optimization campaign is by having a Link Exchange Program. By having highly-relevant, popular Web sites linking to your newly launched Web site, you increase your chances of getting found by the Search Engines much faster while also improving your Web site's link popularity. In exchange, a link back to these other Web sites that link to you is required. Link Exchange Program Management is part of our total SEM solutions.

Let SEM Professionals' SEM outsourcing services help you achieve the results you want. Contact us

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